I Migliori Awards

I Migliori in Mens et Gesta

I Migliori in Mens et Gesta, is from the Latin meaning, “The Best in Thought and Actions.” The Pirandello Lyceum honors Americans of Italian ancestry who have excelled in their chosen fields and have made a significant contribution to society. Boston Magazine has called the I Migliori award the single most prestigious honor to be received by men and women of Italian descent.
Nominees may serve in any area of business, education, the arts and sciences or public service. They should be men and women of the highest character whose contributions to society have been clearly demonstrated. At least one parent, grandparent or ancestor of the nominee must have been born in Italy. The Pirandello Lyceum I Migliori Awards dinner is held in April every year.

If you wish to nominate someone, please fill out the nomination form found here. Please attach a resume of your nominee and forward it by US mail or e-mail to the Pirandello Lyceum. Nominations must be received by January 31 of the award year. Please call Dorothy Maio  at (781) 245-6536 or Maria Capogreco at 617-567-1233 for additional information.

If you wish to purchase tickets for the next I Migliori Awards dinner, please mail a check to the address below. All proceeds will be used to help fund our Scholarship Program.

Pirandello Lyceum
PO Box 565
East Boston, MA 02128
E-Mail: pirandellolyceum@aol.com
website: www.pirandello.com

Dr. Domenic Amara