Join the Pirandello Lyceum

The Pirandello Lyceum aims to encourage a greater understanding and appreciation of Italian culture among all people. Its various programs reflect the significant accomplishments of Italian thinkers in the areas of art, science, culture and humanitarianism. The Lyceum is committed to the protection and preservation of Italian/American heritage.

The Pirandello is for those who wish to celebrate the art, literature, sound, and flavor of the Italian culture. There are social activities almost everyone month to attend and enjoy among a fun and welcoming community!

We are proud at the progress the organization has made but need member support to maintain momentum. The primary source of funds to support all Pirandello events is members’ dues. However, as you send your dues, please bear in mind that most Pirandello activities are free of charge to members in good standing.

Please download this form and send it in to the address below 

The Pirandello Lyceum
c/o James Pinzino, Treasurer
P.O. Box 520485
Winthrop, MA 02152

Thank you and welcome!!