I Migliori Awards 2017

Pirandello Lyceum recognizes I Migliori

On April 1,2017 the Pirandello Lyceum held its annual “I Migliori in Mens et Gesta” awards ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in East Boston.

For 32 years, the Pirandello has been recognizing the best in mind and deeds in the community.

This year’s awardees included: Karyn Polito, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts; Dr. Luciana Burdi, Director of the Massachusetts Port Authority’s Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs Department who is responsible for the planning, management, and development of construction Massport projects; Dr. Nicola De Santis, Consul General of Italy who has served in that capacity in both Detroit and Boston; Joseph A Farco, the President and CEO of Multigrains Bakery; Philip Frattaroli, Esq. entrepreneur who has grown several successful businesses in the Boston area and serves on the Board of several philanthropic organizations; Richard J. Gavegnano, Chairman of the Board and President of the nationally lauded East Boston Savings Bank; Anthony Sammarco, best-selling author and historian who has won multiple literary awards; Dr. Steven R. Ultrino, State Respresentative and Educator who has distinguished himself in supporting seniors and working class families; and Marjorie Cahn, who received the Presidents Award from Frank Ciano for her 25 year support of many of Boston’s Italian community organizations

The Pirandello’s annual gala event also serves as a fundraiser for several scholarships handed out to worthy high school students. A ceremony for the awarding of the scholarship awards will be held on May 21, from 10-12 A.M. at the Marriott Courtyard, 225 wm f McClellan Highway in East Boston, MA.

The Pirandello Lyceum Board of Directors and this year's I Migliori
President Franck Ciano, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts Karyn Polito, and Master of Ceremonies Stefano Salimbeni
President Frank Ciano, Consul General of Italy Dott. Nicola DeSantis, and Master of Ceremonies Stefano Salimbeni
President Frank Ciano and Dr. Luciana Burdi
President Frank Ciano, and Joseph Farco
President Frank Ciano, Philip Frattaroli, Esq. and Master of Ceremonies Stefano Salimbeni
President Frank Ciano and Richard J. Cavegnano
President Frank Ciano and Anthony Sammarco
President Frank Ciano and Dr. Steven R. Ultrino
President Frank Ciano and President's Award recipient Marjorie Cahn